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Experience the blend of insightful strata management and personalized care.

Our approach isn't just about property management; it's about creating a harmonious community for our clients. We bring a depth of expertise and a level of care that sets us apart, transforming the way you experience strata management. With MJS Body Corporate, you're not just a client, you're part of our family.

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Expertly Delivered.
Thoughtfully Managed.

We tailor our body corporate services to meet the unique needs of your property, providing expert guidance every step of the way.

Strata Management

Experience the perfect blend of insightful strata management and personalized care with MJS Body Corporate Victoria. Our team of experts leverage years of industry knowledge to efficiently manage your strata scheme, ensuring a harmonious and well-maintained community environment for all residents.


Feel secure with MJS Body Corporate handling your financial affairs. We provide transparent and accurate financial reporting, budgeting, and levy collection services. Our wisdom guides our service, ensuring your strata corporation's financial health.

& Repairs

We understand the importance of a well-maintained property. Our team coordinates maintenance and repair work efficiently, ensuring your property remains in top condition. Trust MJS Body Corporate to care for your property as if it were our own.

& Legislation

Navigating the complex world of strata legislation can be daunting. With MJS Body Corporate, you can rest easy knowing we stay updated with the latest regulations and ensure your strata scheme is fully compliant, mitigating potential legal risks.


MJS brings a caring approach to dispute resolution. We facilitate open communication, mediate between parties, and provide fair solutions to conflicts within your strata community. Experience peace of mind with MJS Body Corporate Victoria.


Whether you're a developer planning a new strata scheme or an owner seeking advice, our consultancy services provide the expert guidance you need. We'll help you make wise decisions that align with your property goals.


Protect your property with our comprehensive insurance services. We'll help you understand your coverage, manage claims, and ensure your strata scheme is adequately insured against potential risks. With MJS, you're in safe hands.

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Victoria's Strata MANAGErs

The MJS Edge: Where Expertise Meets Empathy.

With years of industry expertise, we offer a genuine commitment to your property. Our knowledgeable team ensures your strata scheme is managed efficiently and effectively, always with a personal touch.

Don't just take our word for it. See why we're the chosen by mid-sized schemes across Victoria for our knowledgeable approach and exceptional customer care.

"Great experience working with MJS as a chairperson of an owner’s corp they manage. Balance sheets are accurate, issues identified and problems taken care of quickly. Kathryn is now at the helm and is doing a standup job."

— Bones Lawley

"I have had dealings with Kathryn from MJS Body Corporate for over seven years. More recently, I have been working closely with Taliah. I recommend MJS to any owners corporation seeking a professional and personal service."

— D Harper

"My experience with Taliah has been nothing short of exceptional. I particularly appreciate their proactive communication and transparency in accounting matters."

— Charles Zahra

"MJS have been looking after our portfolio of properties for many years and have found the team lead by Kathryn simply amazing. Nothing is ever a problem. Very professional and reliable. Thanks MJS, for now and for many years into the future."

— Pat Peri
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LEADERs in strata management

Guided by Legacy, Driven by Vision: Meet The Team

Kathryn Douni

With over 13 years of experience, Kathryn brings a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of owners corporation management. Her first-hand understanding of committee challenges, coupled with a passion for exceptional customer service, enables her to deliver precise and compassionate solutions. Kathryn's authentic approach and inquisitive nature drive her to continuously improve and innovate in her field, ensuring the best outcomes for her clients.

A profile photo of Kathryn Douni, Managing Director of MJS Strata Management Victoria

Taliah Mullins

Taliah's property career, spanning since 2005, showcases her rapid ascent through owners corporation management. Her success stems from authentic communication and strong client relationships. Taliah's extensive customer service background has honed her ability to represent clients effectively and compassionately. Specializing in establishing and managing owners corporations across various states, she brings innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to every project she undertakes.

A profile photo of Kathryn Douni, Strata Manager of MJS Strata Management Victoria


The MJS Commitment in Action

At MJS, our values shape our unique approach. We foster close connections, treating clients like family. Our unwavering commitment to customer care and ownership sets us apart, driving us to consistently exceed expectations in body corporate services.


We operate with swiftness, intensity, and a keen eye for the details that count. We don't let the pursuit of perfection hinder our drive for excellence.


We are all custodians of the company, so we behave accordingly. We balance the needs of every stakeholder in decision-making, communicate purposefully, and prioritise our clients' success.


We are truthful and transparent, from our pricing to our service roadmap. Our beliefs are firm but adaptable, because we know ego can obstruct the best outcome. We acknowledge and learn from setbacks.


We are constant innovators in strata and body corporate management. We step into our clients' shoes to comprehend and resolve issues. We question before assuming and always envision the future.


We carefully consider the impact of our decisions and actions on others. We express gratitude as a core practice, extending it to both our team and clients. Our goal is to foster harmonious owners corporation communities.

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Invest in the places vou call home; we'll invest in the peace of mind you deserve. — MJS Body Corporate

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Learn More About How We Work

What exactly is a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation in Victoria?

A body corporate (or owners corporation) is the dream team of property owners in a shared building or complex across Victoria. When you buy into a strata property in Melbourne or anywhere in the state, you automatically join this exclusive club. It's responsible for managing common areas and keeping your property in tip-top shape. Welcome to the club, where every day is like a mini-Melbourne Cup for property management!

What's the difference between Strata, Body Corporate, and Owners Corporation?

In Victoria, we love our property lingo as much as our coffee! 'Strata' refers to a property scheme where individuals own their units but share responsibility for common areas. 'Body Corporate' and 'Owners Corporation' are essentially the same thing – they're the legal entity formed by all owners to manage the property. Think of it as different names for the same VIP club. In Victoria, we officially use 'Owners Corporation' in legislation, but you'll hear 'Body Corporate' used just as often. It's like how we call our potato cakes 'potato scallops' – different terms, same delicious concept! Whether you're in a sleek Melbourne CBD apartment or a cozy unit in Ballarat, these terms all point to the collective responsibility of property ownership and management.

How does MJS Body Corporate ensure compliance with local laws and regulations in Victoria?

We're as serious about compliance as Melburnians are about their coffee. Our team works closely with legal experts to ensure all our practices align with Victorian laws and regulations, including building codes and safety standards. We stay updated on changes faster than Melbourne's weather, ensuring your body corporate or owners corporation always operates within the letter of the law.

How does MJS Body Corporate handle financial management and transparency?

Transparency is our middle name (well, it would be if we had one). We provide regular financial reports to owners, offer online access to financial information, and hold open budget meetings. Significant expenses require approval, and we conduct external audits when necessary. We manage your strata group's finances with the precision of a barista crafting the perfect flat white.

What's the difference between the Administrative Fund and the Sinking Fund?

Think of the Administrative Fund as your everyday transaction account – it covers day-to-day expenses like insurance and minor repairs. The Sinking Fund is more like your long-term savings account for big future expenses, like painting the building or replacing the roof. It's all about balancing the present and future needs of your Victorian property, just like planning for both summer and winter in Melbourne... on the same day.

How does MJS Body Corporate handle emergency situations?

We're like the superhero squad for your property, on call 24/7. Whether it's a burst pipe in Bundoora or a power outage in Port Melbourne, our team follows well-defined protocols to address emergencies promptly. We work with relevant authorities to ensure the safety of residents and property faster than you can say "Go Tigers!"

Can owners request special services from MJS Body Corporate?

Absolutely! We understand that each strata community in Victoria is as unique as the laneways of Melbourne. Whether you need additional security measures in Southbank or specific financial reporting in Fitzroy, we're here to tailor our body corporate services to your community's best interests. Just say the word, and we'll make it happen!

How does MJS Body Corporate assist with environmental sustainability initiatives?

We're as committed to going green as Victoria is to its beautiful gardens. We can help implement eco-friendly practices in your strata property, from energy-efficient lighting in your South Yarra apartment complex to sustainable landscaping in your Geelong townhouse development. Let's make your property as green as the Botanic Gardens!

How can residents provide feedback or complaints about MJS Body Corporate services?

Your feedback is as welcome as a sunny day in St Kilda! Residents can reach out via phone, email, strata committee meetings, or our secure online portal. We're committed to addressing concerns promptly and transparently, ensuring your experience with us is as smooth as a tram ride down Swanston Street.

What are the benefits of choosing MJS Body Corporate for strata management in Victoria?

Choosing MJS Body Corporate is like picking the winning horse at the Melbourne Cup – you're setting yourself up for success. We bring local expertise, tailored solutions, and a commitment to excellence to every property we manage across Victoria. From navigating complex strata laws to ensuring your property runs smoothly, we're your go-to team for body corporate and owners corporation management. Plus, we speak fluent Melburnian – we know our hook turns from our flat whites!